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The RIDAN Nippi is an economical 3 wheeled road vehicle that has been produced by FibreDan Pty Ltd to assist those persons who are in a wheelchair the mobility to do what many of us take for granted. Built using hand controls like a scooter, everything on this nippi is within arms reach and can be customised to suit each individual if the need arises.

With the release of the new RIDAN Nippi comes the changing of the guard in wheelchair bound transportation. A total redesign of the nippi concept using the most up to date technology has produced a safe and sturdy road vehicle which has full RTA compliance for everyday activities.

With a modern stealth like body and now boasting a fuel injected 4 stroke powerplant, this nippi has all the power needed for all ocassions from local streets to freeway speeds. With the additional power came the need for a safer nippi. The RIDAN Nippi 300 is equipped with many safety features including a new braking system with disc brakes all round that have been matched for a balanced feel under braking no matter if the conditions are wet or dry.

Electric reverse system is a standard feature with all RIDAN Nippi's


With owning a RIDAN Nippi comes the independence and freedom on the
road often not associated with those who are wheelchair bound. Whether it
is a quick trip to the shops or the daily commute to work, the RIDAN Nippi
is the vehicle to easily help you on your journey.

With an easy to use ramp and built standard with a reverse drive system,
worries of where to park will be a thing of the past.


Designed from the ground up, safety was always paramount for the RIDAN Nippi with experts employed to help produce the safest nippi possible.

The ease of use was also a major factor in the design with everything accessible within arms length and with the use of scooter controls, this is a very easy vehicle to drive.

The RIDAN Nippi also has 2 lockable pods, one on each side of the vehicle giving you the ability to store your helmet and wet weather gear safely, also a lockable glove box to store your smaller items.

The RIDAN Nippi 300 is priced from just $17,000 AUD